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9 Mar 2016

A+ Riders

Recently, our resident MTB man Josh has pulled together a group of young and keen mountain bikers.
These young riders are now involved in a group called the A+ Riders.This group focuses on improving various elements of a mountain biker's skill set. These include general skills, mechanics and racing skills. It is only a few weeks old, yet has seen an excess of young riders signing up to be a part of the development program. As a team, races are entered all across NSW, ranging from Downhill races to Enduro.

How it Works:

Every fortnight on a Wednesday evening, the riders attend a Mechanics Session. Each fortnightly session is different, ranging from tuning gears to greasing linkage bolts. Occasionally, a guest speaker will come in a chat to the group about the particular area of focus for that night. These nights are great as they encourage young riders to get their hands dirty and learn not only how their own bikes work, but also how to clean, maintain, and ultimately prolong the life of their bikes.

In a similar fortnightly fashion, a Saturday morning Skills Session takes place at a designated site. In these sessions, certain areas of bike handling skills are focused on, such as balancing (wheelies) or cornering and shifting weight appropriately.These sessions are definitely the most fun and enjoyable as the group learns together how to improve their skills. Every session is different, whether it is at a new trail site, or a new skill. All young riders are encouraged to come to this as it is a chance for every rider to improve at their own pace.

Once every 3 weeks or so (depending on races and other factors), the more challenging Race Training session takes place. These sessions focus more on the types of obstacles and difficulties that one would encounter in a Downhill or Enduro race. Trails chosen for this session are harder, and riders are expected to push their limits of fitness and skill in order to improve their race results. These sessions are not for everyone! Only the kids who are interested in racing and improving their results are encouraged to attend.

Want to Become Involved?

If you are a young rider aged 12-17 who is keen on developing their skills and meeting a community of young riders just like you, come and join the fun!
Riders of a capable beginner/intermediate level are best suited to this development program.
To become involved, contact Josh at

Keep up to date with the A+ Riders on the AvantiPlus Narrabeen Facebook page!

Happy Shredding!