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21 Jul 2015


2014 Avanti Corsa SL Team Issue

A first class weapon, this is! The components and the frame are nothing short of an elite level. Normally worth $9199.95, it's at an all-time price of 4499.95...

The Frame


Avanti's top-tier CR6 carbon is utilised in the making of the Corsa SL Team. Nothing is superior to this level of carbon, as it is the lightest, strongest and stiffest that Avanti offers. The frame is agile, with a relatively short wheelbase, making acceleration an improvement over other bikes.

The Running Gear.


The Corsa SL Team runs Shimano's top group set, 22-Speed Dura-ace. The precise shifting, coupled with a crazy overall light weight is just another feature that makes this bike so appealing, and so unbeatable out on the road.


The chain rings stick to a traditional 53-39 setup. Sure, a little bit more on the heavy breathing side, but when put on a bike with an intensely light and stiff frame, it only benefits the rider in improving their average speeds.



The Dura-ace STI levers are the lightest that Shimano offers. The shifting feels smooth, extremely accurate, and does not require any unnatural movements of the wrist to properly engage the gears or brakes. The braking modulation is also a major benefit, which is further supported by Shimano's' Poly' cables which drastically reduce friction.


Not many words needed here! The neatness of the bike is very apparent. A sleek and solid build further emphasises how professional this bike is.


This is interesting. The rear brake is located just behind the bottom bracket. This 'underbrake' is strategically placed to increase the bike's aerodynamics and minimalist look.

The Wheels


The royalty of wheels rolls underneath this beast. The ZIPP 202 Firecrest wheelset is incredibly stiff, and further accentuates the performance level of this bike. Weighing in at only 1450g, the last thing that this wheelset will do is drag you down.


The dotted design that runs along the dish is a technology most commonly seen in golf balls! Creating small dips in the surface allows air to be trapped in these dips. When air comes in contact with these small air bubbles, they skim along much faster than air normally would with a flat surface. This technology has been applied to wheels and consequently resulted in wheels rotating with considerably less drag that conventional wheels.


The 2014 Avanti Corsa SL Team is at the top of its game. The extremely low weight and high stiffness combines to form a pure road racer, perfect in its performance of climbing hills and descending back down them. You won't know yourself once you jump on a team Corsa SL.

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