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19 Nov 2012

What is WISE?

Avanti, What is WISE? Women + Insights + Science = EXCELLENCE We wanted to really understand what women wanted, what they liked and what they disliked when it came to cycling. We also wanted to get the inside information that would enable us to develop bikes that would quite simply be better for women to ride. And so we went out and talked to riders. Specifically, female riders. WOMEN and LADIES SPECIFIC ITEMS We’ve empowered a group of women who ride different kinds of bikes in different ways to advise us on how we can create a better riding experience for all women. They are the Avanti WISE women. They’re working together with Avanti to improve the cycling experience for all women. They include mums, mountain bikers, road cyclists, triathletes and elite athletes. INSIGHTS Through focus groups, discussion, demonstration, experimentation and evaluation our group of WISE women have given us numerous insights and inspired us to deliver bikes that provide a superior ride for women. This means high levels of efficiency and comfort. SCIENCE This is where the knowledge is applied and the technology kicks in. Our bike designers and engineers have taken the insights and ideas, then combined them with their own know-how and intuition. And the output of all that blending, thinking and designing is frames with specific geometry for women. This means they fit women’s bodies just like they should. The frames have been matched with the right components to suit a specific style of riding and cater for some of those specific female differences such as shoulder width, hand size and so on. EXCELLENCE And the outcome is bikes that are simply superior for women to ride - and look at. Whether you ride to the shops with the kids, do trails with your mates or race to the finish line, with an Avanti you’ll enjoy a bike specifically designed for women that feels right, rides superbly and looks striking. You should take comfort in the fact that WISE means we’ve done all the research, thinking and development so you can have the confidence to just relax, ride and enjoy some great experiences on your Avanti bike.